What is “health” actually?

Published 30.01.2015


Yo! πŸ˜€

See, something I came to mind here today is really

What is health anyway? Eat healthy? Train? Live life? Slender?

You can continue additionally ad, and yet … YOU WILL NEVER EVER BE ABLE TO PUT SOMETHING SPECIFIC TERMS OF WHAT HEALTH IS !!! Ok, yes, but it is generally individually. But in general are health described as physico / mental condition and the social environment. Whether one gets sick a few times, have nothing to do with health. Some just have a better immune system than others.

Basta! That’s just how it is.

Now I sit every day, and work with marketing, where I among others sit and read many different blogs. I came across a Norwegian blog, which was headed

“If you think someone is healthy, because they are thin / slim, so you can go horribly wrong!”

Already there, I began to read her entire blog post. In the past she had mental problems, such as eating disorders and much more. (Unfortunately I lost the link and can not Γ¦rindre it all … boo! It was mega good reading). But I support really her way of looking at it. I think probably that she had just reached down to 100 kg. In many people’s eyes she will in no way be a health idol. And yet. From MIT sight she is. She has sacrificed many things to find the path that SHE desires. She has not actually done so, because of that she is overweight. She actually wanted to be healthy. The way to health, she goes after is obviously to lose weight first and foremost. But she will not only lose weight. She enjoys indeed the whole course, as she cares for her new lifestyle. She has begun to eat healthy (more varied, so get from every part of the food chain), and she trains. Ok, I will not bother to mention her again. I feel certain that her name is Anja: D But Anja keep a balance between work, eat and live life! She really enjoys her life and it can also be seen on her blog (the one course I’ve thrown away … argh!).

And the reason why I brought her here Anja up is that I support her 110%. Yes, I am also no super model, on the contrary. But I is not overweight. I have since some models here and there, but it makes me not track. Of course, the clothes can then look a little funny sometimes when dell are’d like to show off: D But back on track. Although I cultivate all the time sports / fitness, because I want to feel good about myself. Unfortunately I do not workout plan, diet, carbohydrate blablabla-kostbog and all such things which absolutely must decide for you. I myself have made adjustments in my lifestyle, which now makes me eat healthier (more varierert). At the same time I make physical activity each week. But however, so looks like I’m still not the super model! Eeeeej where it is NOT annoys me πŸ˜€

I now have even experienced having been down and ups and I have now reached the stage in life that my definition of health is:
If you feel comfortable and satisfied with yourself, keep such. The more satisfied you are with yourself, the easier will you (on a happy trip). By having a positive attitude to many things, then you will definitely get a different view of it all πŸ™‚

The reason I write health on the way, because of all the “horror stories” by various researches, surveys, media brings up all the time. For today you can get cancer of all. Die of this. Getting sick of this. Allergy from this … etc etc … But it is not only that which is wrong. We have these models that have “the perfect figure” with low fat content. That is how most of society would like to have that one should look like today. But now it is hardly the way that all goes according to model industry. Many (including myself) yesterday as better for forms and muscles! But again, it will always be the mental state, which is the critical factor. And it is there are unfortunately many who will not admit. And I think that’s a shame.

I do not urge to something here. This post should very much like to be neutral. I had just need to come out with some of my comedic thoughts on this πŸ™‚

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