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New earrings

Published 18.06.2015


Now the blog is almost in place, but I can already start to post on the blog. Yesterday I received the finest package from jewelier.dk. And I’m already happy content! In the picture you can see Zoey Shine the earrings from their Janner Jewellery collection. They are stainless steel, so now I get rid as to inflammation. I usually usually only walk around with jewelry, which tend to corrode. But I am actually very happy with them. I love the earrings that sparkler and pendants. They are simple in design, and I come ready to use them in the future.



Back on trak! Welcome to an independent blog!


I’m back on track! Having been in the process of moving this blog from Blogger Delight to one.com, so I would like to admit that it has not been a bed of roses. I figured that it would be easier. But you should just take into account that it was not possible to transfer it all … Oh yes, it doesn’t matter anyway…

But now I can finally get started again! Of course, it still remains some things that need to be set up first (it can always be taken care of later)

So tomorrow there will be a fine post!

Moin so long! 🙂