lolololololHello, my name is Isabel and I live in Flensburg at the moment. Before Flensburg, I was living in Hamburg for a year which had an influence on my choice of education SPRØK (BA. International Management) which is focusing on the languages German, English and Danish. It is a cross-border study in Flensburg and Sønderborg.

I write very much about the things which happens in my everyday life. Therefore it is very mixed, but mostly a Health-, Fitness- and Lifestyleblodg as I am trying to live healthy again. Here I share i.e. how to keep up the motivation, recipes and other things. But, the blog is not only a Health- and Trainingsblog. The reason for the name Random Isa is that everything I do, is random. So the blog can deal with almost everything 🙂

My story of how I ended up living a year in Hamburg and now Flensburg 2015-2018, when I have been living in Denmark the most of my life

I moved to Hamburg 31th of August 2014 where I would do a internship at a german company that is specialised in Online Marketing. After I finished my business school (HHX), I moved to Hamburg as I wanted to improve my german even though I hated the german language. I got the internship through the PIU-Sekretariet which arranges internships for those who absolved the business college. I had a choice between 3 companies but I chose Hamburg.

My job was to look at blogs every single day. I admit that I had no kind of interest to start blogging myself. But as you can see, I have not avoided it. After I have been looking at blogs and introduced to the theoretical approaches of optimizing websites, it actually became interesting. I started the first blog traeningsblog.dk and afterwards the more personal randomisa.com. Though, it was only one year and I had to go back to Denmark and study BA Business Economics as I wanted to become an accountant. Well, what happened was that I met my boyfriend in Hamburg who made me stay in Germany (somehow)

This has also changed my choice of education. I have discussed the topic very often with several people. I understand a lot of danes think that Germans do not earn that much compared to Denmark. But, I wanted to stay in Hamburg due to my boyfriend, not the money. Unfortunately, my german was not good enough to get into the official University Hamburg. Oh well, I found the cross-border study in Flensburg and Sønderborg. It was perfect as you would end up with a german AND danish bachelor’s degree. The negative aspect was that I had to move to Flensburg and leave Hamburg.

My last work day was the 31th of July 2015 and I had a month to find a place in Flensburg till the study started.

I chose the study because of the linguistic and specialistic opportunitites. People with a SPRØK bachelor are also called “linguistical economists”. It is just a small part of General Business Economics which I would chosen. Due to what has happened in Hamburg, I will absolve this bachelor so I will be able to get some great job opportunities in Hamburg.

That was my short story about, how a dane who originally hated german, chose a danish/german study in Flensburg/Sønderborg. If you want to know more, you can just write a comment or so to me 🙂

Best regards,

Random Isa 🙂

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