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New Adidas Ultra Boost!

Adidas Ultra Boost

I’m totally overjoyed! I got new shoes and they are just not any shoes. These are Adidas Ultra Boost, the newest model! I think they are so nice but I also paid 180€ (almost 1350 DKK) for such a pair (Yes, I could have bought them cheaper online but when it comes to shoes, I would rather not do it as I am very uncertain due to the different sho sizes). Ouch normally I would never pay that much money for everyday shoes. But these are not just any shoes. They are the most comfortable ultrasoft shoes I have ever tried. When I tried them in the shop, my first thought was “God, it’s like walking on soft pillows”. But they are not only soft. They can withstand wear and tear. The shoes are made produced with a special technology- The white part (bottom of the shoe) is so compressed that the attenuation does not disappear and Adidas Ultra Boost also has another wild effect. The shoe bottom is made by Continental which produces tires. Yes, it sounds mysterious. But the shoe bottom will take much longer to wear and tear out.
Adidas Ultra Boost1

My boyfriend and I went Saturday to find a new pair of everyday shoes for me. Since I have lived with Achilles tendonitis (inflammation) for nearly a year, I need some comfortable shoes. My old Nike Air was sadly worn out after a year. So I use them in the gym now. The struggle to find a pair of shoes was long and I had already six months ago tried the Adidas Ultra Boost, and I was almost sold. But thy were too expensive. This time I was convinced that I would rather pay more for quality footwear to spare my Achilles tendonitis. And the funny thngs is that I did not have a bad conscience with the purchase. I’ve only been satisfied with them and I can no longer wear other shoes. I am hooked 😀

Adidas Ultra Boost2Adidas Ultra Boost3Adidas Ultra Boost4Adidas Ultra Boost5

New elegant Earrings


I received some time ago a little package with when I was on a visit in Denmark. In the package there was a set of some elegant gold coated earrings. Weee, I was extra pleased when I saw there were locks. There are certainly others with long hair who can relate to that the earrings suddenly get torn out from being stuck in your hair. But enough about that. Eaarings in this design usually cost a good amount of money. But the (danish) company sells cheap jewelry at an affordable price. As a student I can sometimes be fairly stingy when it comes to buying jewelry etc. I buy them anywhere as cheap as possible but where they still look good.



If I look like someone who just woke up, I am sorry. I always look like this as I do not wear make-up that often 🙂

Primark in Hamburg – 2017


Normally I don’t write about these things as a new opening and so on. But I guess a lot (especially danes) would love to know that the famous irish chain Primark will open in Hamburg in 2017. it will be placed on the east side of Hamburg in Billstedt. You can read more about it here (sorry, it’s only in German) 🙂


Watches everywhere


2 months ago I orderes 2 watches from the site Personally I’m very much satified with them. They are simple in the design, but what makes me even moer sad it that they are very bad in the quality. One of the watches is always 30 minutes behind even though I change it to the correct time. The other one keeps coming apart. So overall, the only things I love about these watches are the details as I said before, the design. I have now been wearing them for a long time and I’ve become happy with wearing watches. I’ve never done that before. So now I consider buying a new one of great quality and a simple, stylish design as my current watches.

Can anyone recommend me any good ones? 🙂

New earrings

Published 18.06.2015


Now the blog is almost in place, but I can already start to post on the blog. Yesterday I received the finest package from And I’m already happy content! In the picture you can see Zoey Shine the earrings from their Janner Jewellery collection. They are stainless steel, so now I get rid as to inflammation. I usually usually only walk around with jewelry, which tend to corrode. But I am actually very happy with them. I love the earrings that sparkler and pendants. They are simple in design, and I come ready to use them in the future.



C&A dresses I find nice

There are many things that are quite so great about staying here in Hamburg. Everything is cheap! It is first of all that which I consider important. But it is unfortunately only food or everyday products. Otherwise, apartments and much more is now also quite expensive when speaking of taxes, health insurance and blah blah blah … And I almost can not live without the subway. Then in November I was in Denmark that I was the need to use the car. It was good enough practice. Here one can just take the train just so crazy you want, and it takes the no time. Another good thing is that everything is almost just around the corner. I have 5 supermarkets lying within a radius of 500 meters (approx) from my apartment.

However, there is unfortunately also some bad things …. THERE ARE STORES EVERYWHERE … And unfortunately there’s talk about shopping malls, clothing stores, restaurants and everything hubbub.

CA-dressesAll dresses are from Q&A,and you can find the following links here  Dress 1 – €79 //  Dress 2 – €25  // Dress 3 – €19 // Dresse 4 – €59

But what I focus on right now is C & A. They all roads here in Hamburg. At the center, and about 15 minutes walking from my apartment. Normally I’m not one who goes around in dresses, but so are some of these dresses some that I can walk around and drool over. They are simple and stylish … Argh! It is not even because that prices are bad … I just know that when I get down to shop, so unfortunately I can not help but stop again 😀

New shoes!

Published 28.01.2015


Haha, yeah ok …

New shoes are not exactly the world’s greatest thing on earth. But for the entire € 80 (now I gape) I got a new pair of Nike Air Max: D! I think now that it was a good deal, as I advance is a klutz when it comes to sports. So have several injuries, when it comes to foot / ankle.

So I was recommended to check them out, even though I used to be thought that it was over-rated. But if I contrast compares them with the All Stars, Vans and what cave you can find, so it is quite clear that I am leaning more to sneakers from now on. My feet have never been so happy, because there is no pain more 🙂