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My healthy goal 2016


I don’t know why, but I somehow hate to use the phrase New Year’s Resolution. I have last year tried to be healthy, but failed due to an injury that made me unable to do any sport. Oh well, life goes on and I’m back on track. We’re in the year 2016, and people do these so called “New Year’s Resolutions”… Well, I even had and still have a goal. I will not define it as a resolution. Reason why? When you mention resolutions to other people, most would say that you won’t even last a month etc. Before I got the injury I managed to get fit, stronger and healthier and I really wanna go back there again. Therefore my goal for 2016 will be¬†to build my musclemass again. I’ve already started in the gym again (yaay ūüôā ), and I’m so motivated as anyone can be. Therefore will the focus on the blog again include health.

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions/Goals?


Where did I go?

©Lisa Risager

©Lisa Risager

I’m indirectly still here!¬†Even though I haven’t notified anybody, I’ve had a little break from my blogs (including, since I have started at¬†the university(s). The motivation to write has always been there, but was never bothered, as the unidays often took the energy from me. I even ended up neglecting my¬†health, sport,¬†the blogs and other things I normally thought of. This time, I will not come with promises regarding an active blog again. This time, I will just say that there will be posts once again. But how often? I can’t tell.

If she is too fat then I’m an Orangutan


Today I saw an article on the danish news site¬†BT¬†regarding a 19 year old swedish girl. She has been told by the fashion industry that she it too thick. At the moment do I look at myself. I look like an Orangutan compared to her. She has made a video that I think you should see. She also says in the video that the fashion industry says her butt is too big and the hips too wide. When you consider her underweight due to BMI at 17,5 then she’s still too fat. But here comes the discussion. Is she too¬†think or too thin? With my eyes I would say that she is perfect as she is as I don’t want want to be the judgemental here. There are people who are relatively thin from the side of nature. But somehow I think that the fashion industry is taking overhand when it comes to body ideals. They seriously have to stop. She is only 19 years and gets told that she’s too thick. The need to get themselves together.

Hamburg or S√łnderborg?


Like all It’s important to get an education. I have now been in Hamburg nearly a year and it makes me really just sad. Just the thought of it, or rather by writing this makes me cry. Hamburg is really a great city to be in, and that is why it makes me also hurt that I possibly smoking back to Denmark.

There went the goat in the compared to apply for student place in Hamburg. So the only alternative, where I saw it as safe, was to apply for a student in Denmark. There is my choice already S√łnderborg, because I have a great interest in the international market. And it is the perfect that they Business Administration (Business Administration). The focus is on trade between Denmark and Germany, but of course also in major international perspectives.

BUT! РIn turn, I made contact with a Danish company which is located in Hamburg. Maybe or maybe not if you are lucky to get a job. However, it should not be any job. They have not responded to my email yet for a meeting about possible Dual-Studium (like HA, where you work and study at the same time). So I glæææder me insane much to get answers from them.

Otherwise, be you have to leave all that you have built in Hamburg. So I keep my fingers crossed and hope that you dear readers will do the same! :’)