Back on trak! Welcome to an independent blog!


I’m back on track! Having been in the process of moving this blog from Blogger Delight to, so I would like to admit that it has not been a bed of roses. I figured that it would be easier. But you should just take into account that it was not possible to transfer it all … Oh yes, it doesn’t matter anyway…

But now I can finally get started again! Of course, it still remains some things that need to be set up first (it can always be taken care of later)

So tomorrow there will be a fine post!

Moin so long! 🙂

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Volleyball pictures from one of our tournaments

At one point, I said that there would be some pictures up from some of our tournaments. One of our team players could not play that day, but then, she has been kind enough to take pictures of us. I do not really know that I am 100% satisfied with the images that I am on. I especially like the very first picture … So can one not look more silly when playing volleyball. I believe that I receive with a bagger stroke at the time, otherwise usually one does not look like that 😀

volleyball1 volleyball2 volleyball3 volleyball4 volleyball5 volleyball6 volleyball7

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Lovely sunday trip in Wandsbek Gartenstadt


Usually I tend never to be outside when it’s going to take a walk. It’s something that I do in the summer, but at the moment I’m just too lazy. But my colleague he a cute little doggie, but she wont so to walk with her boyfriend. He is so not currently at home. So I thought, why not? Then my lazy body may get little going again.


I’ll actually quite happy to sit and think all this through. Just to take a walk outside, it arouses so more desires within me. All of a sudden I get the urge to jog again, when it dawned on me how much I miss being outside. So I guess it should be another project to be started again? And you must all continue to have good Sunday! 🙂

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Cafe Reise Bar – Hamburg Altona


It’s been a long time finally that there has ever been any activity on the blog, and I regret sincerely. But now I should very much like to be back again, so I can be a little more active. For although I was a stay lasting between 16-20th February, so I thought that there was something interesting to tell. In Denmark (on my part) happens not sincerely much, and it’s just typical private visit and time with the family which has been prioritized.

But it was again sidetracked. On Tuesday, had one of my colleagues birthday, so she decided to invite us all to her celebration at a bar. The bar is called as said Cafe Reise Bar, and is located close to the main railway station in Hamburg-Altona. Here it was now very cozy. Although I was in theory not felt to go (had slept two hours and a stressful working day), so I thought anyway, that it would be syndt if I was away. Almost all of our international team was there, so around 15.

But oh my, how is it good enough not much cheaper than it is in Denmark. It is also clear when Altona is filled with tourists.


In this picture there is a plate of nachos with cheese, jalapenos and of course dip 🙂 I feel certain enough that I gave € 5.9 for this dish. Alongside is a so-called Singapore Sling for € 6.9 in Happy Hour. Normally it costs € 9.
Or can it also be that I have simply been such a long time away from Denmark that I can not even ærindre prices more.

Enough about that. It was a pleasant evening. We were shown enough for 4-5 hours or something around. And then there were of course some who decided to slip the Reeperbahn. There should I with! In my work, I am the one who is known for partying constantly. But it probably has something to do with that Hamburg is quite different from the small village, which you did come from. So everything must then be verified by! : D


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Planten un Blumen – nice place to be

Published 9.02.2015

planten un blumen

Hehe, my header is actually one of the pictures that I took at Blume Park by Stephan Platz. Already now I miss summer. Normally I tend not to be so fond of the heat, but just that it is bright, fresh … It makes me happy in so many ways. I show never really interested in nature, but deep down I probably always had an urge to get close to nature. Just to enjoy the tranquility, the surroundings … It brings so many happy memories. Some of the pictures that I have been able to find is from August 2014. It was then about Two weeks after I arrived in Hamburg 🙂

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Simple and healthy banana snacks


Healthy snacks! And it’s very simple to make. I’ve got inspiration from a Norwegian blogger who goes by the name Hellaaa. She a very fine recipe up, consisting of 3 ingredients. Pancakes of eggs, oatmeal and BANANA. And it was really only it 🙂

Alternatively, I wanted to try something a little different. So I made a portion of the following amount:

  • 4 eggs
  • 4 bananas
  • about 450 g of oat flakes

Otherwise, they just formed as biscuits and place on a baking sheet with wax paper. Depending on the thickness, so varies the time. I never took the time on them, but I guess that each plate took on average 20 minutes.

If you want to spice it up a bit, you can add other fruits or something dark chocolate. There are many things you can add.

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C&A dresses I find nice

There are many things that are quite so great about staying here in Hamburg. Everything is cheap! It is first of all that which I consider important. But it is unfortunately only food or everyday products. Otherwise, apartments and much more is now also quite expensive when speaking of taxes, health insurance and blah blah blah … And I almost can not live without the subway. Then in November I was in Denmark that I was the need to use the car. It was good enough practice. Here one can just take the train just so crazy you want, and it takes the no time. Another good thing is that everything is almost just around the corner. I have 5 supermarkets lying within a radius of 500 meters (approx) from my apartment.

However, there is unfortunately also some bad things …. THERE ARE STORES EVERYWHERE … And unfortunately there’s talk about shopping malls, clothing stores, restaurants and everything hubbub.

CA-dressesAll dresses are from Q&A,and you can find the following links here  Dress 1 – €79 //  Dress 2 – €25  // Dress 3 – €19 // Dresse 4 – €59

But what I focus on right now is C & A. They all roads here in Hamburg. At the center, and about 15 minutes walking from my apartment. Normally I’m not one who goes around in dresses, but so are some of these dresses some that I can walk around and drool over. They are simple and stylish … Argh! It is not even because that prices are bad … I just know that when I get down to shop, so unfortunately I can not help but stop again 😀

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Typical dinner late in the evening


Typically, I usually never to be on the computer at about 22:00. There I cultivate for sport, but today was so little different. But funny enough, so have my routines changed the game. I have never ever eaten at. 18:00 because I always play sport at the time, and is typically at home. 21-22 … Every day …

But it does so, that I can not find out the cook, who usually takes a long time. I make maximum fresh food in 30 minutes. And it is this an example of. It is now very simple, and that is what I love. After working out, you are typically quite hungry. And a protein shake and a banana is not enough for my monster belly. The shouts almost after some food.

  • 2 pieces of salmon (like breaded)
  • 4-5 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon chili (allows higher combustion with “spicy” food)
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper
  • chopped scallions

And it’s really just that. 2 pans, and begin to start playing! It is quite easy, and it is also healthy. There has been used olive oil for both cooking of the salmon and scrambled eggs. By use of olive oil, then the breaded salmon so lovely crisp.

For me, this heavenly. Loved the fish, and will NEVER ever tired to fish and eggs <3


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Published 3.02.2015


Normally I do not usually go around in Hamburg in the evening, as I always do sports on Monday. Yesterday I had not really wanted to do it, which is called for so-called “functional training”. So it ended up that I took a walk around the Central Station and the Jungfernstieg (shopping center, or whatever you just want to call it). I’m not really crazy about the decoration of the Rathaus at the town hall square. In theory, I have only seen the town hall during the day. So it gave a very different impression in the evening. And it’s really beautiful lighting 😀




In future posts I will probably focus on telling about my experience, and of course share experiences / photos of the sites from various locations in Hamburg. I’ve been here since August, and has obviously already some pictures, which I later put up 😀

And sorry for the picture quality. I’m about to buy me a camera, so I really can get started playing with the images 😀

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What is “health” actually?

Published 30.01.2015


Yo! 😀

See, something I came to mind here today is really

What is health anyway? Eat healthy? Train? Live life? Slender?

You can continue additionally ad, and yet … YOU WILL NEVER EVER BE ABLE TO PUT SOMETHING SPECIFIC TERMS OF WHAT HEALTH IS !!! Ok, yes, but it is generally individually. But in general are health described as physico / mental condition and the social environment. Whether one gets sick a few times, have nothing to do with health. Some just have a better immune system than others.

Basta! That’s just how it is.

Now I sit every day, and work with marketing, where I among others sit and read many different blogs. I came across a Norwegian blog, which was headed

“If you think someone is healthy, because they are thin / slim, so you can go horribly wrong!”

Already there, I began to read her entire blog post. In the past she had mental problems, such as eating disorders and much more. (Unfortunately I lost the link and can not ærindre it all … boo! It was mega good reading). But I support really her way of looking at it. I think probably that she had just reached down to 100 kg. In many people’s eyes she will in no way be a health idol. And yet. From MIT sight she is. She has sacrificed many things to find the path that SHE desires. She has not actually done so, because of that she is overweight. She actually wanted to be healthy. The way to health, she goes after is obviously to lose weight first and foremost. But she will not only lose weight. She enjoys indeed the whole course, as she cares for her new lifestyle. She has begun to eat healthy (more varied, so get from every part of the food chain), and she trains. Ok, I will not bother to mention her again. I feel certain that her name is Anja: D But Anja keep a balance between work, eat and live life! She really enjoys her life and it can also be seen on her blog (the one course I’ve thrown away … argh!).

And the reason why I brought her here Anja up is that I support her 110%. Yes, I am also no super model, on the contrary. But I is not overweight. I have since some models here and there, but it makes me not track. Of course, the clothes can then look a little funny sometimes when dell are’d like to show off: D But back on track. Although I cultivate all the time sports / fitness, because I want to feel good about myself. Unfortunately I do not workout plan, diet, carbohydrate blablabla-kostbog and all such things which absolutely must decide for you. I myself have made adjustments in my lifestyle, which now makes me eat healthier (more varierert). At the same time I make physical activity each week. But however, so looks like I’m still not the super model! Eeeeej where it is NOT annoys me 😀

I now have even experienced having been down and ups and I have now reached the stage in life that my definition of health is:
If you feel comfortable and satisfied with yourself, keep such. The more satisfied you are with yourself, the easier will you (on a happy trip). By having a positive attitude to many things, then you will definitely get a different view of it all 🙂

The reason I write health on the way, because of all the “horror stories” by various researches, surveys, media brings up all the time. For today you can get cancer of all. Die of this. Getting sick of this. Allergy from this … etc etc … But it is not only that which is wrong. We have these models that have “the perfect figure” with low fat content. That is how most of society would like to have that one should look like today. But now it is hardly the way that all goes according to model industry. Many (including myself) yesterday as better for forms and muscles! But again, it will always be the mental state, which is the critical factor. And it is there are unfortunately many who will not admit. And I think that’s a shame.

I do not urge to something here. This post should very much like to be neutral. I had just need to come out with some of my comedic thoughts on this 🙂

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