I love volleyball

Published 29.01.2015


So cool! Love the sport (though I’m not the best, but it does when not quite as much). The people you see in the picture here is by no means professional. This is both new and experienced players who gather to make something fun out of playing volleyball. I play primarily on the grounds that it is a team sport. For some reason, so I can little training when I along with many others. It does not matter whether it is fitness, volleyball, football, cardio, zumba, handball and whatever else you can just think of. I’ve played volleyball for about 9 years now course not at the professional level, I’m a clown, when it comes to sports injuries. Of all the things that has happened to injury, so I can not mention everyone. I can name the past few injuries that I have had since the beginning of 2015.

  • Achilles tendinitis (both tendons are affected)
  • Broken cartilage at the bridge of the nose
  • Sprained finger of the left hand
  • Sprained right ankle
  • Minor concussion

It’s just me in a nutshell. But, however, I’m the stupid here. Yes, I like to play sports, but since that one can practice all the sports that you want for 60 kr. In a month … So it is unfortunately hard to stay away 😀

Yes, as you learn (hopefully) from its mistakes and is currently. on a small break, so my body can reach the whole for the next time I manage to hurt me even more 🙂

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New shoes!

Published 28.01.2015


Haha, yeah ok …

New shoes are not exactly the world’s greatest thing on earth. But for the entire € 80 (now I gape) I got a new pair of Nike Air Max: D! I think now that it was a good deal, as I advance is a klutz when it comes to sports. So have several injuries, when it comes to foot / ankle.

So I was recommended to check them out, even though I used to be thought that it was over-rated. But if I contrast compares them with the All Stars, Vans and what cave you can find, so it is quite clear that I am leaning more to sneakers from now on. My feet have never been so happy, because there is no pain more 🙂

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Very first post


Hello and welcome! 😀

I am called Isabel, and I am I tend to be a little random at times.

This site is primarily a side that can deal with everything … Much of my own every day for fitness, everyday and more random things!

If you wish, so you can follow along and see what adventurer, as I experience  🙂


Random Isa 🙂

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