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Typical dinner late in the evening


Typically, I usually never to be on the computer at about 22:00. There I cultivate for sport, but today was so little different. But funny enough, so have my routines changed the game. I have never ever eaten at. 18:00 because I always play sport at the time, and is typically at home. 21-22 … Every day …

But it does so, that I can not find out the cook, who usually takes a long time. I make maximum fresh food in 30 minutes. And it is this an example of. It is now very simple, and that is what I love. After working out, you are typically quite hungry. And a protein shake and a banana is not enough for my monster belly. The shouts almost after some food.

  • 2 pieces of salmon (like breaded)
  • 4-5 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon chili (allows higher combustion with “spicy” food)
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper
  • chopped scallions

And it’s really just that. 2 pans, and begin to start playing! It is quite easy, and it is also healthy. There has been used olive oil for both cooking of the salmon and scrambled eggs. By use of olive oil, then the breaded salmon so lovely crisp.

For me, this heavenly. Loved the fish, and will NEVER ever tired to fish and eggs <3