Zalando Outlet in Hamburg

Today I went for a walk in the city center, and noticed that many had shopping bags from the Zalando Outlet in Hamborg. I became curious and immediately found out where it was… And I found it: D
It can be found on Poststraße 9, 20354 Hamburg (link to Google Maps). It is located approx. 200m from the U/S-Bahn Station Jungfernstieg. It is relatively easy to get there. It is located right next to the water, so it’s not easy to spot immediately when coming from the subway.

In the middle of the picture you can see the orange color from Zalando’s logo which is the entrance

The store opened for the first time on the 30.08.2018 and there are a lot of visitors. Unfortunately, I have not bought anything since I would only take a look at it at first. The store is divided into 2 floors, which is a little different than normal. The department for men can be found on the ground floor, and the female department is on the 1st floor. I apologize for some poor quality pictures, as I had to do them quickly as many people went back and forth.

Men’s department

When you get up the escalator you can go either right or left (the 1st floor is large). If you go to the right you will reach the textile department. There are all kinds of brands, no-names as well as different price categories. Regarding the discounts I noticed that most items in average had (55-66%) discount on the price. I found a few which were at -41%. In the next section, I have added some pictures of various brands, as well as the price tags for these to give a picture of the prices and the selection in the Zalando Outlet Hamburg.

On the other hand, if you look at the other side of the department, the department is packed with bags, sunglasses, purses, scarves, belts and a looooooot of shoes. I’ve added pictures of Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani and Michael Kors sunglasses, as well as Superga, Converse, ONLY shoes and finally a Porsche Design (ridiculous price, but ok)

ONLY shoes – Outlet price 2,95€ (-62%)/Original price 34,95€

Converse – Outlet price 29,95€ (-64%)/Original price 84,95€

Calvin Klein – Outlet price 64,95€ (-51%)/Original price 134,95€. —- The glasses beneath are Michael Kors with a similar price.

Michael Kors – Outlet price 69,95€ (-53%)/Original price 149,95€. — Giorgio Armani sunglasses are in the background (price unknown)

Superga – Outlet price 34,95€ (-61%)/Original price 89,95€

PORSCHE DESIGN bag – Outlet price 229,95€ (-71%)/Original price 799,80€

Part 1: Rhodes travel tips – Beaches and a bit more

I know that I am not that good at being active on the blog but I just felt like telling and showing a bit from Rhodos. So hopefully you can use some of my small Rhodes travel tips 🙂 Due to the big amount of information and pictures, I have chosen to split this up in two parts.

Some time ago I went on vacation on the Greek island, Rhodes. My boyfriend and I left on the 29th august Hamburg Airport where we stayed until the 7th september on Rhodes. We arrived around 20 o’clock (local time: Rhodes). We got our rental car and drove to the city Koskinou which was around 25 minutes of driving from Rhodes Airport. Over Airbnb we found a room in Koskinou named Artemis Studio. We got there around 21 o’clock where we at first were not able to find the place due to the fact that the housenumber was given wrongly on Airbnb. It does not matter, we got there. We had a room with bathroom and kitchen. Every day we were sitting on the balcony and eating our breakfast in the sun. Very often their three dogs and their cat visited us which was so nice. (Unfortunately, I did not make any pictures of our room, oops)

Rhodos room

Den sødeste af de tre hunde – Sarah

Rental car

We booked a rental car through enterprise which we should pick up directly at the airport. We rented a small Suzuki Celerio which was cheap (in total 350€ in rent exclusive gas). Anyway we got around even though it was not the best car to drive uphill. Nevertheless, it may be advisable to get a rental car. It is possible to get around the island by public transport, but you are not very flexible. If you want to see the different ruins, monuments, mountains, etc., it would take too long with public transport if you want from one place to another. The different turist attractions and beaches have some great distances apart from each other. We were at any rate happy to rent a car, as we could always spontaneously drive where we wanted to.

Suzuki Celerio

Bilen bagfra. Vi var lige steget ud af bilen, og så opdagede vi en kat under den. By: Stegna

Planlægning af turen

I have a tendency to check all the things out that you can do during the vacation, inclusive all the attractions etc. that you definatly have to see. Before the trip I managed to check some things out and it looked kinda like this (we did not manage to do everything but on the contractionary the most important ones.):

Rhodos seværdigheder

I made the map through Google Maps where you log in with your email at first. What I liked most about the service was that you could add notes to the different destinations so you always had the addresses close to you. On the map are the following:

Blue markings

  1. Elli Beach (coast of Rhodes town)
  2. Kallithea Beach
  3. Oasis Beach (can recommend)
  4. Tasos Beach (can recommend)
  5. Faliraki Beach (can recommend)
  6. Anthony Quinn Bay (can recommend)
  7. Ladiko Beach
  8. Traganou Beach
  9. Saint Paul’s Bay
  10. Vlycha Beach (can recommend)
  11. Lindos Beach (can recommend – only sand beach)
  12. Tsambika Beach (can recommend – only sand beach)
  13. Glystra Beach
  14. Gennadi Beach
  15. Prasonisi (can recommend for windsurfers)

Other markings (mostly attractions – red, orange and green markings) comes in part 2

  1. Acropolis of Lindos
  2. Castle of Monolithos
  3. Ancient Kamiros
  4. Kritinia Castle
  5. Seven Springs
  6. Valley of Butterflies
  7. Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodos
  8. Acropolis of Rhodes
  9. Archaelogical Museum of Rhodes
  10. Monte Smith
  11. Old Town


We spent a lot of time visiting the beaches. It was first of all really our first priority. We did not visit all the beaches we had hoped for, but it was still great. If you want to visit some of the best beaches, choose the beaches on the eastern side. But it depends, among other things, on what you want to do. On the west side there is more wind, some waves and the water is a bit unclear  as the sand is always swirled up by the waves. On the east side there is another kind of wind, but there are no waves on the other hand. The water is very clear and you can see the bottom. However, here is a good tip to get some diving glasses if you only want to stay on the east side.

Sun loungers cost almost everywhere 5 € per person on Rhodes. However, there are a few beaches that have some other prices. All beaches, which look pretty and have either attractions or hotels nearby, have sun loungers available.


Anthony Quinn Bay

A nice bay where the view is just something special. Just looking across the beach is wonderful but on the hand, it is not the beach to stay on if you don’t like rocks (there is literally no sand at all).

Anthony Quinn Bay

Tsambika Beach

I loved this beach if you really like to swim. The beach is child friendly as you have to go far into the water till you cannot touch the bottom. In the water and on the beach there are no stones. So you do not have to think about where you step. This beach can definately be recommended.

Tsambika BeachTsambika Beach

Lindos Beach

Unfortunately; I cannot say anything about this one as we were not directly there (only seen from distance). It is somehow a bit like Tsambika Beach. The difference is that are much more tourists compared to Tsambika.

Lindos Beach

St. Paul’s Bay (Beach)

This bay is on the other side of Lindos / Lindos Beach. It is relatively small but I have also only seen this one from distance. Therefore I cannot tell anything about it.

Saint Paul's Bay

Tasos Beach

Vi var ved denne strand to gange. Denne strand er mest baseret på klipper end sand. I den ene del af stranden er der sand, hvilket der ikke er i den anden del. Vi tog siden uden sand. Vi benyttede os af liggestolene, da det ville være ubehageligt at lægge os på klipperne med et tæppe. I vandet kunne man se meget såsom fisk, krabber osv.

Tasos BeachTasos Beach

Kalithea Terme

We were not directly on the beach but we saw it from a clifftop. You had to pay 3€ per person to get access to the beach. Otherwise it looked kinda nice even though there were many tourists.  Kalithea Beach TermeKalithea Beach Terme

Kokkina Beach

We went to this beach instead of Kalithea Terme as we did not want to be with all the tourists. Kokkina Beach is just right net to the Kalithea Terme. Ich really this beach as you could see a lot more underwater compared to the other beaches. Ich spent several hours on snorkelling and diving (I even took pictures, haha)

Kokkina Beach Kokkina Beach Kokkina Beach

Kamiros Beach

This beach is on the west side. As you can see on the pictures there are some small waves (it is not that bad). Ich tried to dive with diving glasses but you could not see anything in the water. On the other hand, it was pleasent to swim there.

Kamiros Beach

Prassonissi Beach

If you are really into windsurfing or something familiar, you should go the to Prassonissi Beach. It is in the southern part of Rhodes where the west- and east wind meet. I have not been there but it should be different from any other beach on Rhodes.

Prassonissi Beach

©Karelj: Wikipedia

New Adidas Ultra Boost!

Adidas Ultra Boost

I’m totally overjoyed! I got new shoes and they are just not any shoes. These are Adidas Ultra Boost, the newest model! I think they are so nice but I also paid 180€ (almost 1350 DKK) for such a pair (Yes, I could have bought them cheaper online but when it comes to shoes, I would rather not do it as I am very uncertain due to the different sho sizes). Ouch normally I would never pay that much money for everyday shoes. But these are not just any shoes. They are the most comfortable ultrasoft shoes I have ever tried. When I tried them in the shop, my first thought was “God, it’s like walking on soft pillows”. But they are not only soft. They can withstand wear and tear. The shoes are made produced with a special technology- The white part (bottom of the shoe) is so compressed that the attenuation does not disappear and Adidas Ultra Boost also has another wild effect. The shoe bottom is made by Continental which produces tires. Yes, it sounds mysterious. But the shoe bottom will take much longer to wear and tear out.
Adidas Ultra Boost1

My boyfriend and I went Saturday to find a new pair of everyday shoes for me. Since I have lived with Achilles tendonitis (inflammation) for nearly a year, I need some comfortable shoes. My old Nike Air was sadly worn out after a year. So I use them in the gym now. The struggle to find a pair of shoes was long and I had already six months ago tried the Adidas Ultra Boost, and I was almost sold. But thy were too expensive. This time I was convinced that I would rather pay more for quality footwear to spare my Achilles tendonitis. And the funny thngs is that I did not have a bad conscience with the purchase. I’ve only been satisfied with them and I can no longer wear other shoes. I am hooked 😀

Adidas Ultra Boost2Adidas Ultra Boost3Adidas Ultra Boost4Adidas Ultra Boost5

New elegant Earrings


I received some time ago a little package with when I was on a visit in Denmark. In the package there was a set of some elegant gold coated earrings. Weee, I was extra pleased when I saw there were locks. There are certainly others with long hair who can relate to that the earrings suddenly get torn out from being stuck in your hair. But enough about that. Eaarings in this design usually cost a good amount of money. But the (danish) company sells cheap jewelry at an affordable price. As a student I can sometimes be fairly stingy when it comes to buying jewelry etc. I buy them anywhere as cheap as possible but where they still look good.



If I look like someone who just woke up, I am sorry. I always look like this as I do not wear make-up that often 🙂

2 Weeks Vacation in Hamburg


I finished my last examen of my studies tuesday. The day ended with a lovely evening with my friends where where we were at Hansens Brauerei and afterwards bowling. The days wednesday to saturday I was at my family in Denmark. I just wanted to relax a bit after the examen period. Yesterday I arrived in Hamburg and now I’m sitting here. The next 2 weeks wlill mostly be playing with around with the blog, training and see what else happens in Hamburg (hehe, inclusive many nature pictures). Other wise I will be spending time with my boyfriend.


Primark in Hamburg – 2017


Normally I don’t write about these things as a new opening and so on. But I guess a lot (especially danes) would love to know that the famous irish chain Primark will open in Hamburg in 2017. it will be placed on the east side of Hamburg in Billstedt. You can read more about it here (sorry, it’s only in German) 🙂


My healthy goal 2016


I don’t know why, but I somehow hate to use the phrase New Year’s Resolution. I have last year tried to be healthy, but failed due to an injury that made me unable to do any sport. Oh well, life goes on and I’m back on track. We’re in the year 2016, and people do these so called “New Year’s Resolutions”… Well, I even had and still have a goal. I will not define it as a resolution. Reason why? When you mention resolutions to other people, most would say that you won’t even last a month etc. Before I got the injury I managed to get fit, stronger and healthier and I really wanna go back there again. Therefore my goal for 2016 will be to build my musclemass again. I’ve already started in the gym again (yaay 🙂 ), and I’m so motivated as anyone can be. Therefore will the focus on the blog again include health.

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions/Goals?


Where did I go?

©Lisa Risager

©Lisa Risager

I’m indirectly still here! Even though I haven’t notified anybody, I’ve had a little break from my blogs (including, since I have started at the university(s). The motivation to write has always been there, but was never bothered, as the unidays often took the energy from me. I even ended up neglecting my health, sport, the blogs and other things I normally thought of. This time, I will not come with promises regarding an active blog again. This time, I will just say that there will be posts once again. But how often? I can’t tell.

Christmas Market in Flensburg


Monday I was at the Christmas Market together with several friends from the study. We took a look around and there were some small shops serving Glühwein (svarer lidt til Glögg), Crepes and much more. I guess the atmosphere would be nice, if it was a weekend. The Flensburg Christmas Market was quite dead but we were also there on a monday evening. It was wet and cold, but hey so is it. I think I will be going there again, but next time will be in the weekend, as there will be much more activies.

 DSCF1144DSCF1137DSCF1141DSCF1143DSCF1147 DSCF1148 DSCF1163

I’m adding English to the blog


After several considerations regarding the blog (also because of the long writing break), I’ve decided to write in both Danish and English. I’ll give it a try and see how it goes. I know a lot of people who do not know Danish at all. So I would rather do it in both languages. So from now on you’ll see the English as the first part, and Danish as the second. So all my updates will be mostly about the study time in Flensburg.

No, you can now use the translation buttons! I have translated and seperated the posts by language 🙂

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