C&A dresses I find nice

There are many things that are quite so great about staying here in Hamburg. Everything is cheap! It is first of all that which I consider important. But it is unfortunately only food or everyday products. Otherwise, apartments and much more is now also quite expensive when speaking of taxes, health insurance and blah blah blah … And I almost can not live without the subway. Then in November I was in Denmark that I was the need to use the car. It was good enough practice. Here one can just take the train just so crazy you want, and it takes the no time. Another good thing is that everything is almost just around the corner. I have 5 supermarkets lying within a radius of 500 meters (approx) from my apartment.

However, there is unfortunately also some bad things …. THERE ARE STORES EVERYWHERE … And unfortunately there’s talk about shopping malls, clothing stores, restaurants and everything hubbub.

CA-dressesAll dresses are from Q&A,and you can find the following links here  Dress 1 – €79 //  Dress 2 – €25  // Dress 3 – €19 // Dresse 4 – €59

But what I focus on right now is C & A. They all roads here in Hamburg. At the center, and about 15 minutes walking from my apartment. Normally I’m not one who goes around in dresses, but so are some of these dresses some that I can walk around and drool over. They are simple and stylish … Argh! It is not even because that prices are bad … I just know that when I get down to shop, so unfortunately I can not help but stop again 😀

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