10 Tips for Gym Motivation


As you may already know, I have started training again and I guess a lot of you have too. I have and will never get a personal trainer. All what I know I have learned from rechearching! So I have come up with 10 tips to keep your motivation up, if you do not have a personal trainer to push you around:

  1. First… Get yourself a trainingplan (there are a lot of free and optional, basic ones online) If you are all new, you may not know what you should do. You have seen this exercise here, there, everywhere. No, if you’re doing more than just cardio, you need to get a structure of your training.
  2. Sorry to say, let go of the ego! If you just started training, you may not be as strong as the others in the gym, you may feel embarraced and weak. How come? Everybody has started out somewhere to get where they are now. Therefore do not try to lift weights you almost cannot handle. You will mostly end up hurting your body, if you do not execute the exercises correct from the beginning. Please, go for the lighter weight at the beginning. Practice the movements and when you have the idea of them, you can go ahead and add some weight.
  3. Watch some Youtube videos! You can find almost everything on youtube. What I have watched a lot, are videos regarding training, exercises, motivation, training ideas. There you can also variate your training and make it fit your style.
  4. Forget all about the weight at first! Muscles weight more than fat. You cannot always trust your dear bathroom scale. An alternative could be to measure yourself once a week with a measure tape and note the results. Then you can compare the results from previous week and before.
  5. Pictures of your progress! As you train you will gain more musclemass and your metabolism will improve as well which results in higher fatburning. So maybe on the outside, you may not feel/look different. But trust me, you will see a difference. Your muscles (body) will become marked as more of the fat vanishes. Compare you picture to the ones you have made 1-2 weeks ago.
  6. What I also do = writing down the training progress! I’m not a cardio girl and love to lift weights. Therefore I have a notebook where I note all my exercises, sets, reps, kg, tips etc. This definately helps me a lot as I can look back and see how far I have come.
  7. Make a goal (for maybe each week or month)! You have started the training (which is great!) and maybe you want lose weight, build some muscles etc. My proposal, no, my advice to you is to make a goal and write it down. If you are suddenly in a stage where you want to “quit”, read up on your goals that will remind you of why you are doing it! A good goal is SMART!
    1. Specific
    2. Measurable
    3. Attainable
    4. Realistic
    5. Timely
  8. Maybe a gym partner? If you have difficulties getting to the gym, a gym partner would maybe be optional. You can force each other to go and there will always be someone to support you. (I never had one, but always wanted to train with someone)
  9. Be patient! I guess plenty know the feeling. You have now been training for 2 weeks and do not see any results. Well, give your body some time. You can’t be the fluffy bear the first day and then Wonder Woman within 3 days. Everybody is different. Some people gain musclemass quickly, where others struggle. So please, give it time! After 3-4 weeks you will definately see some results 🙂
  10. Remember to have fun! Sure, it can be tough at first. But do something which is fun for you! The funnier it gets, you will most likely stay motivated.

I hope this can (hopefully) help some people out 🙂

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