My healthy goal 2016


I don’t know why, but I somehow hate to use the phrase New Year’s Resolution. I have last year tried to be healthy, but failed due to an injury that made me unable to do any sport. Oh well, life goes on and I’m back on track. We’re in the year 2016, and people do these so called “New Year’s Resolutions”… Well, I even had and still have a goal. I will not define it as a resolution. Reason why? When you mention resolutions to other people, most would say that you won’t even last a month etc. Before I got the injury I managed to get fit, stronger and healthier and I really wanna go back there again. Therefore my goal for 2016 will be to build my musclemass again. I’ve already started in the gym again (yaay 🙂 ), and I’m so motivated as anyone can be. Therefore will the focus on the blog again include health.

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions/Goals?


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