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Tips to manage your finances and save money!

Now as I’m starting on my higher education, I recieve 5903 DKK (790€) as a student each month. For others it may be a little but for me it’s plenty. As I was doing an internship in Hamburg I recieved 650€ (4850 DKK) before taxes. There is more than 100€ difference. But I managed to get my finances in order as I made a budget for every month. Here I also used discount codes online, in shops, super markets etc. Therefore I would like to share some of my experiences/tips.

Before you make the budget

There are many things you have to think of when you make a budget. There are some essential things which are always or often there as a student:

  • Rent
  • Food
  • Mobile / Internet
  • Clothes
  • Sparetime activities
  • Beauty
  • Night out
  • ….

Before you get started I recommend you to make a food plan (inc the prices of the ingredients). Then you will get an idea of how much money you should be spending on food. You should also research more on the prices of mobile, internet, rent, power, water, heat etc.

Make a clear budget (I made mine in Excel)

As a student you may not have too much money to deal with. You can always get a studentjob to solve this problem. But it would always be a good idea to have an overview. I made my budget where I put a limit on the amount of money I was allowed to use. The first picture (Sheet 1) is where I put in my costs for each day. Thereafter all the data was put into Sheet 2 by formulas.


Sheet 1


Sheet 2

  • Make it clear
  • You can make a visual overview (graphical presentation) of all of your costs
  • Set a limit (Note! Be realistic when you set your limits!)
  • Be aware of you may need to put money aside to sudden arising costs (not necessarily party, alcohol… But important things as medicine, bills etc)
  • Divide your costs into variable and fixed costs
  • If you want to make something similar to mine, you should make it with 2 sheets. 1 is where you enter the costs, the other is with formulas. You can save it as a template.

Discount codes online and in shops

Believe it or not. Discount codes can sometimes be important if you do have the most money to deal with. 5%, 10% or more can make a big difference. So go ahead and look for discount sides. But also use your common sense! A lot of companies manipulate the consumer with discount codes which may make you buy something with 50% but is not worth it.

Keep an eye on flyers/advertising

Keep an eye on different deals. This involves food, beauty, electronic, makeup, things for home etc. For example if your favourite toothpaste costs 2€ as a deal instead of the usual 3€, then you should just buy 2 of them. In the long term you got more for less money.

Make a food plan for a week at a time.

To make it work you need tp make a plan. It may be annoying to plan a whole week. On the other hand you would save a lot of money as you are capable of calculating how much money you will be spending on a week.

Make a grocery list

You avoid the so called impulse buying. You often get tempted to buy goods that you may not even need. When you have a list, it’s easier to stick to it.

Buy food on offer (and put it in the freezer)

If you care about being healthy, you may already know that it can be quite expensive dealing with such goods as vegetables, meat etc as a student. Therefore I would recommend you to keep an eye on the flyers (much like the “flyers” section I wrote earlier). Sometimes you can buy 1 kg chicken fillet for almost no money. You can buy the chicken and put the in the freezer and then save for some other time.

Buy groceries in the morning or shortly before they’re closing

The super markets always have products which be near the last sales date. You can be lucky to find meat or something similar that is reduced by 20 – 50 % discount. Then you can freeze the meat and you is it some days later.

NEVER EVER go shopping on an empty stomach!

This is another trap when you’re out shopping. Maybe you have a grocery list but the hunger can ruin it. We get tempted with our eyes and nose. The stores have a staff that is specialized in tempting consumers to buy some sweet things etc., just by placing the things in a certain area. So if you’re already a bit hungry, you better have some guts!

Make dobble portions

I’m not only talking about making a portion of pasta for 4 days. If you make a new dish every day, is it both time consuming and it can end in having food waste. Make a bigger portion which you can warmup the next after or bring it as lunch as well.

Leave money at home

If you really want to save money, leave your cash at home if you’re going to work, school etc. when they have a cafeteria, snackbox, snack vending machine.  Sometimes as I go to the university I don’t even have a cash or card with me if I know that I don’t want to buy anything. The temptation to buy a little snack may come if there is a cafeteria nearby.

Buy recycled

It’s funny to hear from students with their money problems. In the mean time they are walking around with the newest Hilfiger watch, Diesel accessories. Do you know how much money you can save on recycling? I admit that some of my clothes are from recycling. And some brands are Adidas, VILA, Hummel. The clothes have been worn a couple of times or maybe more. But hey, there ist mostly nothing wrong with most of the clothes. And you in most cases also support recycling which is only a good thing. But you’ll never know. They may have much more that you might find valuable. One man’s trash is another man’s gold!

I hope you can use some of my tips or just considerations for what you’re doing. Even small changes can make a huge difference. What do you otherwise do to save money? If you have any other methods you’re as always welcome to leave a comment! 🙂

I got my desired study place in Flensburg / Sønderborg!

Published 11.08.15


I am so happy today, and now I will tell you why!

As other people in Denmark I had to apply for an university before the 5th of July, which I also did. Many months before I have tried to fufill the requirements to get in to the Hamurg University but it wasn’t possible. Broken, I realised I had to find an University in Denmark. In my mind I always had the voice of that I wanted an international line. That is why I chose BSc in Economics and Business Administration – International Economics and Business Relationships (English) in Sønderborg. I wrote a bit about it in  Hamborg eller Sønderborg. Buuuut… I think around the 15th of July I found something different in Flensburg. I had already taken a look at Flensburg but it was as a German Applicant. Now I managed to come from Flensburg University’s website to the websit of SDU (University of Southern Denmark). There I found a line named BA int./SPRØK (Sønderborg/Flensborg). At first I was just thinking “fuuuuck that….” because I had already passed the deadline of applience for the first round. So I kept myself the next 3 weeks updated and also evaluated the chance for getting in via a free, avaible spot. I already knew that my chances were good because of my grades and also because of the number of applicants from last year.

In 2014 it looked like this:

  • Available spots: Free admission
  • Number of applicants 1. prio: 39
  • Number of students admitted 1. prio: 34

Numbers published the 30th of July 2015 regarding the numbers of applicants and students admitted:

  • Available spots: 86
  • Number of applicants 1. prio: 25
  • Number of students admitted 1. prio: 24

Because of this I was able to conclude that I shouldn’t fight with anyone over the remaining 61 spots. But everything has been luck. But statistically have the humanistic lines at SDU been reduced with 1 %. Personally am I happy that this exactly this line isn’t that interesting for many 🙂

Watches everywhere


2 months ago I orderes 2 watches from the site amazon.com. Personally I’m very much satified with them. They are simple in the design, but what makes me even moer sad it that they are very bad in the quality. One of the watches is always 30 minutes behind even though I change it to the correct time. The other one keeps coming apart. So overall, the only things I love about these watches are the details as I said before, the design. I have now been wearing them for a long time and I’ve become happy with wearing watches. I’ve never done that before. So now I consider buying a new one of great quality and a simple, stylish design as my current watches.

Can anyone recommend me any good ones? 🙂

Protein truffles made of Strawberry, Coconut, Vanilla

protein truffles

Nice! Some time ago I tried out a recipe which I found through this blog. They taste really good. The taste can be kinda sweet and it takes some time to make them. But it’s worth the effort. Here is the recipe:

6 Strawberry/coconut protein truffles

  • 50g Whey vanilla protein
  • 30g dessicated coconut
  • 2 tablespoon mashed banana
  • 5g liquid sweetening
  • 1g vannila extract /liquid or powder doesn’t matter)
  • 6 frsh strawberries
  • 40-50g Stevia white chocolate (it can also be darkw chocolate, coconut, nuts or what your prefer)
  1. Mix all the ingredients
  2. When the mass is solid, divide the mass into 6 even pieces and role them into small balls. Then flatten them (I recommend you to make your hands a bit wet as it’s sticky)
  3. Put a strawberry in the middle of the mass and roll the mass around the strawberry.
  4. Place them on a plate and into the freezer for 10-15 minutes.
  5. In the mean time melt the chocolate or prepare coconut, nuts or whatsoever.
  6. Afterwards take the balls out of the freezer and role them into the chocolate, coconut, nuts etc…
  7. Then place them in the freezer 10-15 minutes again

They should be kep in the fridge if you want to save them for later.

One of these fills your stomach very well, but on the other hand they taste really good.

Guten Appetit 😉

A lovely visit to Borgweg Stadtpark


I’ve been there before, but I just took a quick trip today. It’s already up to 27 degrees, and it is wonderful. But unfortunately I could not be there all the time when I aim to get started on fitness again. If some of you are living or visiting Hamburg in a while in the summertime, so it can really be recommended. And not least, you can also use the kayak, canoe, pedal boats and much more. It is a small part of the Alster and there is swimming pool (it costs in exchange of money) and then there is just the public (where the boats and everything else can be seen in the photos).

stadtpark2 stadtpark3stadtpark4 stadtpark5 stadtparkbook

Hamburg or Sønderborg?


Like all It’s important to get an education. I have now been in Hamburg nearly a year and it makes me really just sad. Just the thought of it, or rather by writing this makes me cry. Hamburg is really a great city to be in, and that is why it makes me also hurt that I possibly smoking back to Denmark.

There went the goat in the compared to apply for student place in Hamburg. So the only alternative, where I saw it as safe, was to apply for a student in Denmark. There is my choice already Sønderborg, because I have a great interest in the international market. And it is the perfect that they Business Administration (Business Administration). The focus is on trade between Denmark and Germany, but of course also in major international perspectives.

BUT! – In turn, I made contact with a Danish company which is located in Hamburg. Maybe or maybe not if you are lucky to get a job. However, it should not be any job. They have not responded to my email yet for a meeting about possible Dual-Studium (like HA, where you work and study at the same time). So I glæææder me insane much to get answers from them.

Otherwise, be you have to leave all that you have built in Hamburg. So I keep my fingers crossed and hope that you dear readers will do the same! :’)

Hafengeburtstag 8-10. May Hamburg

Published 23.06.2015

Haha, I’m already far too many days behind, and soon it will be well also to months. But I was so to the so-called Hafengeburtstag (port birthday) in Hamburg, located at Bridges. But there is always a Hafengeburtstag every year where you can experience a little of hvert.Der were both music (different stages), ship parades, fireworks and much more at over 3 days. But I was there so only on Saturdays.


Festivals and Marks Forster!

There were different stages, and I believe these were only two of them. The major and then a minor, who dealt extensively with rock / heavy genres (which I was a fan). But I’m also a fan of Mark Forster, but him I choose to write about in another post (possibly the next).

Mark Forster

Ship Parade (which unfortunately I did not see, boo!)

You have a tradition of having ship parades every year. There is always a Einlauf- and Auslaufparade. As I myself was not present, they have via their official Hafengeburtstag 2015 page loaded videos and pictures from the guard. But this video is shown from d. May 8, ie intro parade or what you now just to say.

Otherwise, there are also many other images from the same site





Hafengeburtstag 2013 Wasserprogramm

Hafengeburtstag 2013

Einlaufparade Rickmer Rickmers und Gorch Fock 824. Hamburger Hafengeburtstag Ökumenischer Gottesdienst im Michel Eröffnung auf der Rickmer Rickmers und Einlaufparade am 9.5.2013

Einlaufparade Rickmer Rickmers und Gorch Fock
824. Hamburger Hafengeburtstag Ökumenischer Gottesdienst im Michel Eröffnung auf der Rickmer Rickmers und Einlaufparade am 9.5.2013



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