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New elegant Earrings


I received some time ago a little package with when I was on a visit in Denmark. In the package there was a set of some elegant gold coated earrings. Weee, I was extra pleased when I saw there were locks. There are certainly others with long hair who can relate to that the earrings suddenly get torn out from being stuck in your hair. But enough about that. Eaarings in this design usually cost a good amount of money. But the (danish) company sells cheap jewelry at an affordable price. As a student I can sometimes be fairly stingy when it comes to buying jewelry etc. I buy them anywhere as cheap as possible but where they still look good.



If I look like someone who just woke up, I am sorry. I always look like this as I do not wear make-up that often 🙂

New earrings

Published 18.06.2015


Now the blog is almost in place, but I can already start to post on the blog. Yesterday I received the finest package from And I’m already happy content! In the picture you can see Zoey Shine the earrings from their Janner Jewellery collection. They are stainless steel, so now I get rid as to inflammation. I usually usually only walk around with jewelry, which tend to corrode. But I am actually very happy with them. I love the earrings that sparkler and pendants. They are simple in design, and I come ready to use them in the future.